Capodanno 2018/2019

Il Capodanno perfetto per bimbi e adulti!

Best Available Rate

Our best available rate, without any restriction, for your stay in Punta Marina.

Week-end of Art

Enjoy a wonderful weekend to discover the UNESCO monuments: Mausoleum of Theodoric, Basilica of San Vitale, Neonian Baptistery and Galla Placida ecc.

Romantic getaway

A short romantic getaway with overnight, sparkling wine, fruit and breakfast in the room.

Choose our emotion rooms with Jacuzzi in the room!

Mirabilandia & Italia in Miniatura Offer

Discover all the beauties that make Italy a unique country!  Calculate your rate in hotel!


Children until 10 years old enter free in Mirabilandia from August 27th 2018!


Soggiorno di benessere con ingresso al centro benessere. Per rendere ancora più romantico il tuo soggiorno consulta i servizi che ti suggeriamo!


Room, Dinner and Spa for exclusive use

Mirabilandia Offer

Calculate your rate in hotel to get exclusive advantages, like the effective entry for 2 days!


Christmas Time from 8th December to 6th January!

Book your holiday in Half Board Package

Choose you holiday with lunch or dinner!

Includes lunch at "Bagno Bologna" or dinner at the Hotel.

Book your Holiday with Full Board Package

Includes lunch at "Bagno Bologna" and dinner at the Hotel.

Prenota il tuo soggiorno a una tariffa davvero Speciale!

Soggiorno da € 29,90 senza colazione e non rimborsabile!

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